3 Tips for Caring for a Loved One With Alzheimers

3 Tips for Caring for a Loved One With Alzheimers

alzheimers careThroughout the U.S., Alzheimers is the sixth leading cause of death. It’s a horrible disease to have and it’s almost as difficult to see someone you love go through it. Sadly, there isn’t a simple cure that will rid our loved ones of Alzheimers. But it’s still up to us to do everything possible to make life easier for them and to show them we still love them.

Getting the right Alzheimers care is essential for your struggling loved one. Luckily, there are home caregivers in Houston who specialize in treating those with this difficult disorder. It’s important to know the basics, however, when it comes to caring with someone with Alzheimers.

Visit Medical Professionals
Even if your loved one is receiving high quality home care every day, it’s still important that they regularly meet with their doctor. Medical care can address issues that a home care provider simply can’t, and can ensure that the patient with Alzheimers stays as healthy as possible. It’s best to visit the doctor with at least one other person in addition to the Alzheimers patient, to take notes and to explain issues to the doctor or nurse practitioner that the patient may not be able to.

Flexibility is Key
It’s important to be as flexible as can be when dealing with a loved one who has Alzheimers. Think of creative solutions to some problems that might occur. For example, many Alzheimers patients insist on wearing the same outfit for many days in a row. Rather than fighting with them about this simple task, try buying a few identical outfits.

Try to Limit Frustrations
Alzheimers patients can become easily frustrated when simple tasks that were once easy become difficult. You should try your best to limit these frustrations by assisting with day-to-day tasks — but not taking them over altogether. As much as possible, give your loved one some independence to make decisions. Professional Alzheimers care is so valuable because caregivers know how to provide a safe and healthy environment for those struggling with this disease, while also empowering them to do as much as they can, independently.

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