At-Home Healthcare: Bridging the Gap and Improving Outcomes for Seniors | Family Tree In-Home Care

At-Home Healthcare: Bridging the Gap and Improving Outcomes for Seniors | Family Tree In-Home Care

Imagine a future where individuals could receive quality healthcare services in their homes. Well, that future is now. Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, at-home healthcare services have become the new norm. With telemedicine and medical house calls, treatment has never been more accessible and convenient. From writing prescriptions to administering IV medications, doctors can perform many tasks, all while a patient is in their home. Additionally, when it comes to seniors and their caregivers, these services offer tremendous peace of mind.

At-home healthcare provider speaking with her patient while wearing a facemask for COVID-19.

Healthcare worker talking to a patient during an at-home visit.

Barriers for the Elderly to Traditional Healthcare Models

Conventional approaches to healthcare, requiring the patient to meet with a doctor in an office or make a trip to a hospital, can pose particular difficulties for seniors and their caregivers.

  • Transportation – An elderly adult may not have access to transportation needed to get to a doctor’s appointment. Additionally, a caregiver may not have the time to transport a loved one to frequent doctor’s appointments.
  • Cost – Customary healthcare is often expensive. This can discourage older adults from taking the actions necessary to maintain their health.
  • Safety – Having to venture out, possibly numerous times in a month for a doctor’s appointment puts an older person who is already more susceptible to falls or illness, at greater risk.
  • Mobility – An elderly adult may have diminished mobility, which inhibits their ability to travel safely.

How Does At-Home Healthcare Work?

As mentioned above, telemedicine (or telehealth) and house calls are methods of care that occur between a healthcare professional and a patient while the patient is in their home.

  • In-Person House Calls – This is a healthcare delivery that involves a doctor or other medical professional treating the patient in their home. Modern technology now allows doctors to transport many diagnostic devices that can be found in medical offices.
  • Telemedicine – This mode of healthcare is implemented remotely by a healthcare professional while the patient is in the home. It can be performed via an electronic device such as a computer, tablet, smartphone, or a landline telephone.

Benefits of At-Home Healthcare for Seniors

One of the main benefits of in-home healthcare for seniors is that it allows them to remain safely in their homes while receiving the care they need. Also, even though some older adults are tech-savvy, knowing how to use the internet or a smartphone is not required, whether they choose to receive care through a house call or telemedicine. Below are some additional benefits of each type of care.

House calls

  • Improves access to healthcare
  • Quick diagnosis and treatment
  • Cost savings
  • Flexible options for getting started (appointments can be made via a landline phone, internet, or smartphone)
  • Clear pricing
  • Use of mobile equipment to enhance at-home care experience


  • Improves access to healthcare
  • Flexibility (appointments can be conducted via a landline phone, internet, or a smartphone)
  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • Connecting a patient’s care team (a patient’s health providers can all be assembled “together” remotely)
  • Encourage seniors to take greater accountability for their health (due to the ease of the process seniors are more likely to initiate and engage in care)

Learn More About At-Home Healthcare for Seniors

As you can see, house calls and telemedicine are options for seniors that can save money, offer flexibility, and improve healthcare access, all of which can increase your peace of mind. At Family Tree In-Home Care, we are dedicated to providing the best care for our clients as well as superior customer service to their families. If you would like more information about telemedicine or medical house visits for seniors, please contact Family Tree In-Home Care today.