Do You Have Diabetes? 7 Holiday Tips To Stay Healthy and Be Happy

Do You Have Diabetes? 7 Holiday Tips To Stay Healthy and Be Happy

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The holidays are for enjoyment, away from the stress of work and other life’s challenges. It’s the season we spend and share with our friends and family.

However, the holiday festivities also come with a lot of food, which can be overwhelming if you have diabetes. From apple cake to candies and other carb-containing foods that are bad for your sugar, it can be difficult for you to enjoy all the delicacies while managing your diabetes. But this doesn’t have to be the case. All you need is a good plan, and you are sure to enjoy the holiday and stay healthy as well.

We’ve compiled 7 tips and tricks to help you stick to your Diabetes Meal Plan, stay healthy and be happy during the festive season.

1. Maintain Your Options

We know, that piece of cake can be tempting to avoid. But it’s best to avoid foods that you or your doctor have advised against. While nothing is off-limits, remember you know yourself best and what will upset your meal plan the most. Stick to your favorites and eat moderately.

2. Plan in Advance

People are in that “free-spirit” mode during the holidays and tend to have meals at odd times for various reasons. They may want to visit a local production of a “Christmas Carol” or enjoy an additional worship services, pushing lunch or dinner past your normal hours.

Plan ahead how you will handle the changes and disruptions if the meals don’t align with your meal schedule. Remember it isn’t advisable to skip meals.

3. Small Portions are Your Friend

Limit the amount of food you take by having a small plate. Opt for healthier alternatives, those with fewer carbohydrates, like veggies. You can also bring a dish of your healthy options if you haven’t made prior plans.

Taking your focus off food by participating in other holiday activities is another great way to avoid overindulging in food. Try socializing, taking a walk with guests, or playing games instead of going back for more dessert.

4. Eat Slowly and In Bits

Food and meals are the basis of the holiday season. Enjoy food with your family and friends. But you don’t have to take a heavy meal in a single seating to enjoy. Snack healthy with low-fat cheese or your favorite low-carb veggies 15-20 minutes ahead instead of waiting for the main meal at the table.

5. Drink More Water

Diabetes causes dehydration since blood sugar tends to be higher than normal. Mere thirst can register in the brain as hunger, lending you to eat more. Aim to drink a liter of water throughout the day and have water before and during meals – it’ll help you eat less and stay hydrated.

Remember to avoid sugary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, which tend to have high levels of carbohydrates.

6. Plan For Some Exercise

Exercise moderately during the holidays to divert your attention from food and stay healthy. You don’t have to run miles. Just a walk around the block twice will be helpful.

7. Don’t Forget To Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep is healthy for your body and mental state. Give your body ample time for metabolism and your brain the time to relax from the day’s activities as you prepare for tomorrow.

We Are Glad To Help

The holiday season should be enjoyable. You don’t have to hold yourself back from all the enjoyment because of diabetes. That’s why we are here to help come up with a workable treatment plan.

At Family Tree In-Home Care, our professional caregivers and nurses are trained in and have extensive experience with treating patients with diabetes. On a daily basis, we will effectively manage your diabetes to ensure you stay within American Diabetes Association (ADA) parameters. With knowledgeable and consistent care, you can dramatically reduce your risk of complications, infections, and unnecessary hospitalizations due to risks associated with diabetes.

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