Family Tree Home Care will work with Uber Today America Post

Family Tree Home Care will work with Uber Today America Post

In the evening of April 13, at the Houston Medical Center, Uber and Genova’s Family Tree announced the launch of the Ride With Family Tree ™ service, which is available in the Houston area. Provide peace of mind to provide services to help the elderly more convenient to use the means of transport.

Ride With Family Tree ™ service is the use of Uber’s state-of-the-art technology and Family Tree’s counter service to provide secure transportation for the elderly in Houston. This innovation will create more possibilities for the elderly’s transport, provide “door-to-door” point-to-point services to facilitate their medical care, or any outings, etc., without the need for wisdom Mobile phone, or tablet. With the help of a telephone call to the family tree’s help desk, the family tree’s service staff will use Uber’s technology to help these customers connect and assist in how to manage and pay for the costs of the Uber shuttle.

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Released to provide peace of mind for the elderly transport services, on-site participation enthusiastically, “Uber has been looking for more ways to serve the cities and communities we run, and we are proud to be working with Genova Health to make sure that Houston is more,” said David Brightman, general manager of Uber Houston. The elderly can be when it is most needed, access to safe and reliable pick-up. ” Family tree, chief executive and founder of the family tree of Alex Bonetti said:” we are proud to partner with Uber, meet the elderly Houston traffic Demand, light in the Greater Houston area, for the silver-haired family to provide more than 500,000 hours of service.Through the use of Uber technology, Ride With Family Tree will help those silver-haired elders and Uber connected to provide safe and reliable shuttle, most of the silver The patriarch is not familiar with the use of modern mobile application software, family tree services, will be for many elderly people to solve the “line” of the troubles.

Ride With Family Tree ™ also provides services to customers with additional needs, such as the need for caregivers and nurses, in addition to helping unneeded elderly people safely take the means of transport. In the Houston area, this innovative partnership has expanded rapidly, adding a lot of traffic to major hospitals and luxury retired communities in Houston.
Daniel Gottschalk, co-founder and president of Genova Health, said: “I hope the silver-haired family will be able to get affordable safe traffic, which is necessary for our city and the welfare of the elderly.” Dr. Derek Dawes, a physician at the LBJ Hospital in Houston, : “Using Ride With Family Tree to ensure that the old Houston people will not miss the appointment with the doctor, which will greatly help reduce the hospitalization rate for the elderly, for many elderly people, will be a great help.”

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