Family Tree’s 10 Step Caregiver Screening Process

Family Tree’s 10 Step Caregiver Screening Process

Here at Family Tree, we commit to taking care of your loved ones by providing them with the best caregivers possible. The caregivers and nurses who are interested in becoming a part of our staff bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. But before they are formally asked to join our team, we want to ensure they are ready and willing to carry out the Family Tree mission.

Our staff has worked hard to create ‘The 10 Step Caregiver Screening Process’, which allows us to recruit, train and support the caregivers who will be caring for your family members.

First, we conduct an experience check. This is an opportunity for us to learn more about a candidate’s professional background. We consider the level of expertise and amount of caregiving experience a candidate has before they move on to the next round.

The experience check is followed by a phone interview. This is our first chance to interact with a potential caregiver. The conversation allows us to get to know the candidate as both a caregiver, and a person.

Thirdly, we conduct comprehensive background screening. Entrusting our team to take care of your loved ones is not something we take lightly. It is imperative that we recruit caregivers who truly have a heart for helping others, and uphold our values.

We then meet for in-person interviews.  It’s another way we truly get to know candidates as people. Knowing more about a candidate’s personality helps us gauge how they would perform as a Family Tree caregiver. Multiple reference checks are also conducted to help us learn more about a candidate’s background and personality.

The sixth item on our list is competency testing. Cognitive skills are just as important as interpersonal skills. We want the best and brightest to take on caregiver roles, so your family members receive the best care.  Candidates are then scheduled for group interviews.

After we’ve narrowed down our candidate pool, our new caregivers are formally invited to orientation. This is the first time our new caregivers are truly introduced to the Family Tree community. Orientation is a time when our new recruits learn about our culture. Then, the training begins.

A skills verification session takes place, along with a live demonstration.  This is how we test our caregivers before they start their new positions. The hands-on demonstration prepares them for their training with one of our registered nurses. After the training is completed, our new caregivers are ready to assist our Family Tree clients and give them the absolute best care.