3 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Seniors With Dementia or Alzheimer’s | Family Tree In-Home Care

3 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Seniors With Dementia or Alzheimer’s | Family Tree In-Home Care

Seniors with either dementia or Alzheimer’s disease deserve wonderful gifts along with your other loved ones. We have three gift ideas that you’ll see are just perfect for the situation.

1. Custom Photo Storybook

Alongside the loss of problem-solving skills, language, and thinking capabilities, memory loss is another common side effect of these diseases. With memory loss comes a loss of identity. This is something the seniors in question will experience almost daily.

A custom storybook may help them get back their identities by reminding them of certain things, people, and experiences. You can fill the book with photos of family members, places, and even of the seniors themselves when they were younger. Notably, you also get a nostalgic walk down memory lane as you create the book.

2. Auto Answer Video-Call Technology

You can even choose a gift that benefits you as much as it’s benefiting the senior in question. Auto-answer video technology is one of those gift options. Examples of the same include the ViewClix photo frame or the Echo Show smart display. 

With both of these options, you will never be more than a video call away. Thanks to the auto-answer feature, the seniors won’t have to stretch their limited mental capacities and mobility to answer.

Also, you can see them as often as you would like, and the seniors get a direct line to family members who are precious to them. 

3. Puzzle and Activity Books

They may not be capable of much, but they can handle a puzzle or two every once in a while. Also, completing such an activity will give them a sense of accomplishment they don’t often find elsewhere. 

A few unwritten rules to adhere to with this gift idea:

  • Pick large prints — Remember that eyesight depreciates as we grow older as well. As such, you don’t want them to struggle, figuring out what words or images are portrayed in a puzzle. 
  • Simple patterns are best — Also, you don’t want them to expend too much of their limited mental energy, which is why simple patterns, words, and puzzles are ideal. 
  • Include variety — Options with the most activities and puzzles are best. Give them a new challenge to conquer every day with examples such as coloring books, word games, mazes, and more.