Increasing Breast Cancer Awareness Among Seniors

Increasing Breast Cancer Awareness Among Seniors

Cancer is a tragic illness that claims thousands of American lives year after year. Breast cancer can be particularly deadly, especially when it is not detected early. Being aware of the dangers and detection methods of breast cancer can prepare you to take action. Here are some tips to increase breast cancer awareness among seniors.

Close-up shot of an African American couple participating in a breast cancer awareness event.

A senior couple attending a breast cancer awareness charity race.

The Statistics

Before taking action to face the beast that is breast cancer, it helps to know what we may be up against. According to

  • Second only to lung cancer, breast cancer has the highest death rate of any other cancer
  • About 1 in 8 American women will face severe, invasive breast cancer in their lifetime
  • Having a first degree relative with a breast cancer diagnosis can double your risk of developing it yourself
  • The most significant risk factors are being a woman and aging

The Good News

Although breast cancer is a serious issue for men and women of all ages, the death rate of breast cancer has seen a slight decrease in recent years. These decreases are associated with new treatment options and earlier detection with at-home, and in-office screening. Let’s continue that downward trend.

The best action you can take to detect breast cancer and catch it before it spreads is to get regular mammograms. The American Cancer Society states that women ages:

  • 40-44 can start yearly mammograms
  • 45-54 should get yearly mammograms
  • 55+ can switch to every other year, but can also choose to continue yearly mammograms

In-home breast exams and clinical breast exams at the doctor’s office are also encouraged by many healthcare professionals, and they may help you or your doctor detect any changes or lumps in your breasts. 

How We Can Help Increase Breast Cancer Awareness

Family Tree In-Home Care can assist you or your loved one with scheduling and attending doctor’s appointments that may help detect breast cancer, and we can work with your medical team to advocate on your behalf. If the worst-case scenario comes true, and you or a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer, our dedicated staff will be with you every step of the way. 

If you’d like to learn more about our services and how we can enhance the life of you or a loved one, contact us today.