Long-Distance Caregiving for Elderly Parents | Family Tree In-Home Care

Long-Distance Caregiving for Elderly Parents | Family Tree In-Home Care

Living far away from an older family member can make it complicated to provide for their care. You may be worried if they are taking medication as prescribed, eating well, or getting social interaction, which is so crucial to mental health. Additionally, if contact is infrequent, your elderly relative may be concerned about your well-being and that of extended family members. Although most parents worry about their children, even after they become adults, if you live a distance from your relative, it is possible to provide long-distance caregiving for elderly parents.

A family provided their grandfather with at at-home nurse for long-distance caregiving

Shot of a young nurse helping a senior man get up from a wheelchair.

Caring for Your Senior Loved One When You Are Far Away

It is reported that in the United States, between 5–7 million persons have responsibility for caring for an elderly loved one who lives over 26 miles away. Usually, family members must coordinate care for their elderly while managing the daily stresses of their own lives.

Challenges to Long Distance Care

Whether you live near an older parent or far away, there can be challenges to managing their care. There are, however, some difficulties that are common to long-distance caregiving.

  • Finding and enlisting the services of professional, quality care
  • Providing companionship
  • Locating back-up caregivers
  • Monitoring your family member’s well-being
  • Coordinating services such as transportation
  • Ensuring your family member’s safety while they are in their home
  • Having clear information about the caregiving plan for your loved one

Trust Family Tree In-Home Care to Support Your Elderly Family Member

At Family Tree In-Home Care, our mission is “Better Care, Better Health, Every Day”. This, however, is not a mere slogan. For us, it is the core of what we do, and the resources that allow us to offer this exceptional care are our highly-skilled, devoted caregivers, and the team that supports them.

The Right Choice for Your Caregiving Needs

Finding and selecting a caregiving solution for your elderly parent or other relative is not an easy choice. Especially if you live far away, you may feel guilty that you cannot be there for your parent. Although these feelings are understandable, there are many ways to “be there” for your loved one. Choosing Family Tree In-Home Care is one way to provide supportive services to your parent through long-distance caregiving.

Our service model is unique because we take a holistic approach to your loved one’s care focusing on six primary areas: legal, family, medical, financial, social, and emotional. Our life care managers coordinate with the caregiving team and other entities to offer you and your family member various aspects of care.

  • Liaison during medical appointments
  • Benefits facilitation
  • Coordination of caregiving services
  • Medication management
  • Link for long-distance family members
  • Organize transitional care


Family Tree In-Home Care is comprised of individuals who understand the value of quality care for your family member in their home. Additionally, because our staff is so devoted to this objective, you can be assured that your senior loved one is getting the best care possible. So, let us support you in caring for your family member. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.