Pneumonia in Seniors | Family Tree In-Home Care

Pneumonia in Seniors | Family Tree In-Home Care

Pneumonia is something to never take lightly, and this is especially true for seniors. According to the CDC, 50,000 people in the United States die from pneumonia annually. Seniors age 65 and older are the most at-risk group for the infection. If you or a loved one are diagnosed with pneumonia, it can be scary. Thankfully, our specially trained caregivers at Family Tree In-Home Care are here to help patients recover from their own homes.

A senior man recovering from pnemonia after following his nurse’s instructions.

A male nurse giving instructions to a senior patient about medication.

What Is Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that affects the air sacs. The infection can be caused by exposure to bacteria, viruses, or funguses. Further, COVID-19 has been a major cause of pneumonia. While pneumonia can occur at any age, it is particularly serious for seniors. In fact, it is the second leading reason for hospitalization among seniors. Out of the 50,000 annual deaths from pneumonia, a vast majority of these are seniors.

What Are the Symptoms of Pneumonia?

As a condition of the lungs, the most common symptoms are difficulty breathing, coughing, and chest pain. Seniors face more severe versions of these symptoms and can potentially experience other symptoms as well. These include cognitive symptoms, such as confusion and difficulty with awareness. While high fever is common in younger people, seniors with pneumonia often have normal or even lower temperatures.

How Can a Caregiver Help?

Even after being released from the hospital, patients with pneumonia still face lingering symptoms and concerns of worsening symptoms in the future. A caregiver can help a patient manage their symptoms and can provide peace of mind to loved ones. Caregivers can monitor patient breathing and track changes. They can ensure medications are being taken when needed and can assist a patient in practicing breathing techniques as they recover. When seniors suffer from pneumonia, there is often a concern about the possibility of readmittance to the hospital if symptoms return or worsen. Caregivers can help manage pneumonia to prevent this from happening.


Pneumonia can be a devastating condition, especially for seniors, but with proper care, it can be managed. At Family Tree In-Home Care, we strive to bring our caring service to our community. To learn more about our offerings, please contact us