Senior Placement Vs. Geriatric Care Management

Senior Placement Vs. Geriatric Care Management

Retirement is often viewed as a time to finally relax and take the time to smell the roses. But for some older adults, it is not so easy. While many older adults thrive in their later years, about two-thirds of older adults will need assistance due to either physical or mental impairment.

Two important resources for the senior community are Senior Placement and Geriatric Care Management. A geriatric care manager goes over a plan of care for elderly woman

Senior placement agencies vet senior living establishments to choose the best option for a client. Most of these agencies do not charge their clients for their services, instead of collecting a referral fee directly from the independent living, assisted living, or memory care facility. Transparency is crucial to ensure placement is based on the needs of the client rather than the referral fee.

A Geriatric Care Manager is a professional with specialized expertise (many times certified by the Aging Life Care Association) in helping families navigate the complex maze of care needs associated with aging and disability. Geriatric Care Managers serve as the primary point of contact with all relevant service providers, embracing a holistic approach to managing quality of life. They focus on medical, legal, family, emotional, financial, and social needs, much like a “general contractor” of the aging process.

High-quality senior placement agencies and GCM’s are incredible tools for any family.



Article written by Damiane Garcia, General Manager for Family Tree In-Home Care Denver

Featured in Senior Blue Book Denver

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