The Benefits of In-Home Care

The Benefits of In-Home Care

The Benefits of Home Care are:

  • Helps families stay together
  • Provides the feeling of comfort at home
  • Helps seniors maintain a health and independent lifestyle
  • Is often a low cost alternative to assisted living
  • Is customized to the needs of the care recipients and their families
  • Provides a loving companionship to the elderly
  • Can be hourly or live-in and up to 24 hours a day


By delivering one-to-one care from a consistent caregiver in your own home, we greatly reduce the risk that could otherwise lead to acute illnesses. Plus, Family Tree In-Home caregivers devote 100% of their attention to preventing falls, wandering, bed sores and kitchen injuries.  By helping with daily activities, our caregivers enable seniors to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to living, surrounded by their familiar home, neighborhood, friends and pets.  They can enjoy their same activities and live life as they always have.


Complex care needs: Especially as symptoms progress, the needs of your loved one may be too much for you to manage alone. Many individuals with Alzheimer’s require 24-hour observation and care, keep unusual or reversed schedules, and become completely dependent on physical support. If you find that you are awake and caregiving at all hours of the day, have difficulty with physical tasks such as transferring, or feel unequipped to respond to behavioral changes, our professional caregivers can be an invaluable resource.


Overwhelming demands on your time: You may be balancing family, career, and social responsibilities on top of caregiving. Often, personal time is de-prioritized to the detriment of your physical, emotional, and mental health.


Increased personal anxiety and stress: If you begin to feel regular anxiety, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, and other symptoms of stress or depression, you may require respite. In fact, over half of family caregivers report clinically significant symptoms of depression. our caregivers can ensure safety for your loved one and give you time to recuperate and address personal needs.


Complete flexibility: Many clients have a caregiver only during the night, on weekends, or for transportation to medical appointments. Family Tree In-Home Care is totally flexible and happy to provide care whenever and wherever needed.


If you or your loved one can benefit from in-home care, contact us today for a complimentary in-home assessment >>