The Freedom to Live with Assistive Devices

The Freedom to Live with Assistive Devices

Man with Dementia Using Assistive Device

by Mary Koffend

Physical and mental impairments have been known to decrease the quality of life in older adults. Fortunately, there has been great progress in technology to assist with hearing loss, mobility problems, loss of coordination from tremors and more. These devices can create positive interactions, develop individual sense of purpose, stimulate learning, promote dignity, and a healthier lifestyle.

One of the biggest advantages for families who have chosen to work with our care management team is the team’s knowledge of these devices and excellent service providers. Our main purpose is to promote a better quality of life to our clients.

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Our team had a client with Parkinson’s, which caused her great difficulty signing her name or being able to eat independently. Her care manager obtained a rubber stamp for her to use for her signature and weighted utensils for eating as well as specialty cups and plates. One of the service providers Accountable Aging has used as an expert is Steve Chodorow, the founder of Assistive Devices. You can learn more on his website: We obtained the tools for her from his firm.

Another client of ours struggled with mobility issues trying to visit her daughter. Her care manager was able to provide her with a special door handle that let her get in and out of any vehicle with ease. Magnetic grab bars were installed in her shower to ensure her safety. Seeing her daughter now is much more enjoyable allowing her greater freedom, and peace of mind for her family.

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“Our main purpose is to promote a better quality of life to our clients.”

Our care management team goes above and beyond to improve patient care and reduce the need for medical services by enhancing the quality of life for others by effectively managing complex health conditions. This can help reduce hospitalizations and avoid emergency department visits.

If you or your loved ones require “assistive” devices, contact us by choosing the location most convenient to you and let our expertise guide you saving you time, money and providing peace of mind that the best quality of life is available to your loved ones no matter where you are on the journey.