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IV Management & Injections

A private nurse can administer IV infusions and perform IV site dressing changes

Pain Management

Our private nurses will administer pain medications as prescribed and can teach non-pharmacological alternatives to pain management

G-Tube & Catheter Care

We can provide care and management for site care, medications and feeding. Additionally, we offer intermittent catherization, urostomy care, foley catheter insertion and care

Medication Administration

We are able to administer medication orally, intravenously, transdermal, intramuscular, and subcutaneously as ordered by the physician

Wound Care

Our private nurses can provide wound care as ordered, including the use of a wound vac if necessary

Daily Head-to-Toe Assessment

Our team will perform a thorough head to toe assessment, and report abnormal findings to your physician

Monitoring Vitals

Your private nurse will monitor vitals, report changes, and facilitate new orders depending on the outcome

Disease Management

A private nurse will provide recommended teachings and interventions for optimal disease management in coordination with the doctor

Tracheotomy Care

Our private nurses can help manage tracheostomy care and ventilator if applicable

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A dedicated Private Nurse will conduct a thorough head-to-toe assessment in your loved one’s home in order to better understand their private nursing needs.


We will consult with you so you may choose the Private Nurse who you feel at ease with and who has the experience and personality to create the best match for your loved one.

Care & Support

Your dedicated Private Nurse will follow a fully customized care plan, and a Registered Nurses with act as supervisor in full-time support of your Private Nurse.

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A Better Model of


Team-Based Approach

In addition to a dedicated care professional, you are supported by a private personal concierge and an expert nurse who develops and manages your personalized care plan with free visits and oversight.

Highly Trained Care Professionals

Our 10-step screening process ensures we have the most compassionate, well-trained, and highly vetted care professionals in the industry.

Screened & Trained

Our Private Nurses are experienced and licensed nurses. Only a limited number of applicants make it past our rigorous hiring process, including multiple interviews, reference checks, competency testing and a comprehensive orientation.

Background Check

Prior to hiring, every Private Nurse on our team must pass a comprehensive government level criminal background check. Additionally, we collect clinical expertise, personality, and job performance reference checks from past clients and employers.

Fully Insured

We protect you and your family a comprehensive insurance plan that includes a multi-million dollar policy for each Private Nurse we employ.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Our life care managers can help you avoid hasty decisions that might prove unnecessary or overly expensive by helping you plan ahead and evaluate cost effective solutions for managing care and living arrangements.

Make Better Decisions

Our interdisciplinary team relies on experienced care management professionals from different backgrounds including social work, nursing, mental health, and gerontology. With over 100 years of collective experience, we can help you no matter how complex your situation is.

Relieve Stress & Burden

We know that caring for an aging loved one is stressful and emotionally difficult – we have been in your shoes. Let our compassionate and knowledgeable life care managers help guide you and your family through this challenging time..

1. Legal

We are here to support the wishes of our aging clients. Our professional Aging Life Care managers will direct you to the best attorneys, estate planners, and Power of Attorneys.

2. Family

We understand that our clients' family members may not all be in the same region. Our Life Care managers will act as a liaison to family members who are not always be there to care for their aging relatives.

3. Emotional

When it comes to mental health, companionship and social engagements are of the utmost importance. Family Tree Aging Life Care managers can provide seniors with the companionship they need to maintain their emotional and mental health.

4. Medical

Our geriatric care managers will ensure your elderly relative receives the medical support they need to thrive. This can include taking clients to appointments, monitoring their health, and providing medication on time.

5. Social

We educate and encourage our Aging Life Care clients to seek new hobbies and be a part of social events. Hobbies and activities not only promote a healthier lifestyle, but it can give an aging person a purposeful life.

6. Financial

All our geriatric care professionals can oversee clients financially. We can assist clients in many aspects of their financial concerns. This includes managing bills and payments as well as insurance plans and claims.

Our Care Management Professionals Assess Your Situation

Family Tree, home care experts, will conduct a free consultation with you and your loved ones. We conduct all consultations in-person to ensure you get a good understanding of our Care Management services.

We Match you to the Best Care Manager

We will match you to a care managers that best fit your needs and schedule. All of our senior and family life care managers receive screening, training and are fully insured.

our Care Manager will Provide Care Planning and On-going Support.

Your dedicated Care Manager will work one-on-one with you and your loved one to ensure you receive a personalized care plan you loved one at home.

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  • Care Management Services

Liaison During Medical Appointments

Facilitate, coordinate and attend appointments with healthcare providers.

Full-Service Coordination

Coordinate community, financial, legal, medical, personal care, moving, and other third party resources.


Check on well-being and act as a liaison to families at a distance, making sure things are going well and alerting families to problems.

Benefits Facilitation

Review healthcare benefits and liaison with insurance carriers to maximize coverage opportunities while maintaining communication with family and responsible parties.

Medication Management

Create & maintain comprehensive medication list and observe compliance & monitor supply on-hand.

Manage Transitions

Coordinate and organize transitional care needs including hospital discharge planning, rehabilitation, home health care, assisted living, in-home assessments, care planning, and medication oversight.

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Our experts in nursing and long-term aging at home will guide you by first listening and learning about the unique challenges facing you and your loved on. From there, we’ll arrange for an in-home assessment.


Our senior care experts and nurses have decades of experiences managing care and assessing each individual’s unique needs. We’ll listen carefully, ask the right questions, and customize a care solution specific to you and your loved one.


Our deep expertise helps reduce the countless obstacles that may challenge you and your loved one as they age at home. With the right solution and personalized care plan in place, we can help provide you with a Better Aging Experience™.